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About us History Martijn Entrepreneur of the year 1997

Entrepreneur of the year 1997

Entrepreneur Scan exists almost 20 years. Started in the last millennium. Basically it’s a spin-off of the thesis of founder Martijn Driessen. From early age on he knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. However, he never thought he would start something with software. He saw an opportunity that he wanted to exploit and wanted to help entrepreneurs to become even better. With a successful start: he became ”Starter of the Year 1997”.


Switiching from floppy disks to the internet

In 2001, we stopped sending floppy disks. Even though we had a big deal with ING Bank, it was still a big challenge. We switched completely to an online application. What a relief.


How a graduate thesis turned into the E-Scan

What began as just a thesis to be able to graduate, like so many, turned into an extensive and ongoing research. A major milestone was the PhD thesis that appeared in 2005 on the assessment and development of entrepreneurial competences; E-Scan. See below for all our publications. On the basis of this PhD thesis a popular book was published: De ondernemende ondernemer of which already more than 63,000 hard copies are sold. This book is now translated in english and published as an eBook; The Golden Egg, an entrepreneurial approach on how to become a successful entrepreneur.


Our first steps to worldwide

In 2009 we welcomed our first partner in the UK. We have trained and prepared them to conquer the UK market with our products and services. Meanwhile, we welcomed even more partners, in countries as Belgium, USA, Finland and South Africa. Entrepreneurship is seeing opportunities, seize opportunities and create value. And this happens all over the world. However we still see that there’s a lot to be done in the personal development of the business owner. Precisely in this field, we are convinced that we can add a lot of knowledge and value.


After almost 20 years

In 2016, we have a new office in Utrecht, close to Amsterdam. Furthermore, we have new staff and together we are working hard to build a new fully responsive E-Scan. What an incredibly beautiful job it is. We are very proud of the (first) results. In addition, we are increasingly asked to train trainers on how to develop entrepreneurship amongst others.

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