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coach punicoach puni
07:38 05 May 22
The Entrepreneur Scan is an amazing platform which helped me to be a confident coach. The tool was not only helpful for me as a coach but also for my clients as it helps them to get to know their true potential which is a motivating factor in growing their business. This is an ideal platform for every business coach and entrepreneur, I 100% recommend it.
Sivani IshayaSivani Ishaya
23:08 27 Feb 22
This was a great service that has supported my understanding of myself as an entrepreneur!
Joselo BarcelonaJoselo Barcelona
08:55 30 Sep 21
I consider Entrepreneur Scan a must for any person who wants to bring his/her entrepreneurship project to real life. or to take his company to a higher level. Through this powerful profile, the entrepreneur better understands what his/her strengths are. in order to develop his/her business idea, through the consolidation his/her personal capabilities. The Entrepreneur Scan is not the typical psychological profile, since it offers the participant specific tools to increase their chances of success.
Andrea KolbAndrea Kolb
22:52 26 Sep 21
I have used the student version of E-Scan with my third-year University students in the field of Engineering. Overall, I was impressed by E-Scan's prompt communication and comprehensive support, and the intuitive layout of the E-Scan portal. The students enjoyed learning more about their mindset and level of skills, although sometimes they struggled with the interpretation of the information provided. I highly recommend the E-Scan tool for educational purposes, provided the teacher has the skills to support the students holistically and help them interpret their E-Scan results. Thank you, E-Scan, for all your kind and invaluable support!
The Entrepreneur Scan is one of the most effective tools I have seen in the training of entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs. I hereby recommend it to every entrepreneur. The scan will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for improvement.

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