I’m pleasantly surprised. The E-Scan gave a very good picture of me as a person and as a beginning entrepreneur. It explains perfectly where to improve. My coach has helped me to develop my entrepreneurial skills. I now have a better understanding of my bookkeeping and therefore more confidence in myself as an entrepreneur.

Marie – Netherlands | Start-up

Very clear and informative. My coach and the E-Scan gave a good reflection of me as a person. I did too much on auto pilot and what I copied from others. I have learned to be especially be me, myself and I. Now I stay that way and have grown in networking and selling. I feel much better with my clients now I continue to grow.

Mark – United Kingdom | Entrepreneur

Well I scored very high on creativity, what I anticipated. But an eye-opener for me was that it has also some limitations. E-Scan made that very clear to me and how to address too strong areas. And also the 360 feedback made helped me in reflecting on myself. It definitely confronted me, but in the end helped me more than I thought at first.

Kevin Davies – United Kingdom | Small business owner

Entrepreneur Scan helped me to identify what to do in this phase I am with my company. Specifically target the marketing side of it and the route to market. It showed that whilst I am not controlling and rather give freedom to my people, I need to complement this gap. As an inventor and pioneer I need a manager besides me. So I introduced mentorship in my company. Without it I would have made many more mistakes.

John Wood – United Kingdom | Serial entrepreneur

It has inspired me to go further with my business idea and put more effort into some areas like market research and risk taking which came out as my weaker areas. In the beginning I disagreed, but after a couple of days I had to admit it was more true than I dared to give in.

Hannah Williams – United Kingdom | Start-up

I am an upcoming farmer. The E-Scan helped me rethink and reorganise the way I do my work. I am now very focussed and try to implement instead of having various ideas. The E-Scan is a very wonderful tool. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a business.

Jamiru – Uganda | Start-up

Entrepreneur Scan helped me not only to really and honestly identify my competencies but also helped me to envision actions that I can take to develop in regard to my growth strategy.

Mark Modena – United Kingdom | Entrepreneur

The eBook The Golden Egg describes the background of the competences you need to be entrepreneurial. Additionally successful entrepreneurs tell you how they turned their weaknesses into strengths. Moreover, many tips are given on how entrepreneurial competences can be developed, so that the student can read how he can become a true entrepreneur. What entrepreneurship exactly is, is clearly explained and is enlivened with anecdotes from the field.

Dr. Sakira Jackson – USA | Executive Coach

My coach has exceeded my expectations. I was at first skeptical. Also because I did not know what I could expect. But my coach knew how to ask, so I now know exactly what I want and how I can create my future. I developed my marketing plan, know exactly who my audience is and how I can achieve my goals. I have learned a lot. Surprisingly so!

Peter – South Africa | Start-up

It helped me to understand more about how entrepreneurs think, what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how the programme can be adapted to take this into consideration.

Sarah Taylor – University of Wolverhampton | program manager SPEED WM

I learned once more that perception is not the same as reality. It helped me get focus my own personal development and that my business partner and I are not the best match to run a business together. We’re to much alike. So started some discussions on how to move forward, yet to finish.

Waqas Baggia – United Kingdom | Co founder

Due to my prior skepticism I was surprised by the accuracy and intelligence of the E-scan. It reinforced my confidence and self belief.

Lisa Abrams – USA | Self employed

The E-Scan is a very powerful tool that has enabled me to understand myself as an entrepreneur and how to improve on my weak areas as far as managing and understanding my business is concerned. In all it’s an excellent tool.

Philip – Uganda | Agribusiness Entrepreneur

The E-Scan helps us a lot to recruit the right entrepreneurs for our programme.

Andrew – Uganda | Manager Business Incubation & Mentorship

I think E-Scan is typically suited for young people and students who can’t make up their minds what to do or the kind of job they want to pursue. This tool is powerfull to make them aware about themselves and if building up their own business would be better for them than trying to get a university degree, which is becoming more expensive too.

Ben Dyer – United Kingdom | Entrepreneur

This test I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Took it years ago, and became A LOT wiser on HOW to be the best ENTREPRENEUR I can be!!! –

Tina Jonasen – Denmark | Entrepreneur

In Amsterdam; with Dr. Martijn Driessen, handing me my signed copy of his book ‘The Golden Egg’. It is a great Entrepreneurial Competency Development Book. It includes real entrepreneurial insights and stories of how to become more entrepreneurial to gain the trust of your stakeholders.

Jailan El Din Gamal – Egypt | Business coach