Privacy Statement

In order to offer you a good and personal service, we need in some cases personal information from you. We handle your personal information carefully. Some third parties process your personal data for us in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Processing agreements have been signed for this. Information provided to us is not processed by these third parties for any other purpose than that for which we collect it. For this, see the register with all processing operations. Information provided to us is never sold for commercial purposes.

The person responsible for data processing is Entrepreneur Scan B.V. located at Atoomweg 63 in (3542 AA) Utrecht, the Netherlands. The data processing of personal data is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Processing and use of personal data

We collect data that you enter on our website for creating a profile, sending notifications and executing the E-Scan, the E-Platform, E-Learnings and E-Courses. The details about you are data such as your first and last name, e-mail address, username and password. If you choose to provide this information about yourself, you explicitly accept that this app can process and use this information in accordance with these privacy regulations.

On the E-Platform you can be guided online by a business coach from or through the organization that invited you for a scan. The coach(es) are then linked to the E-Platform and make it an integral part of it. When an individual business coach is linked to you, he then has access to your results, which have also been made available to you. You hereby expressly accept that the business coach has access to your details, the results you have access to and your first and last name. As a coach, he has no access to your e-mail address.

Certain other data, such as your IP address, URL data, browser information, your (mobile) operating system and the domain name of the reference site are automatically collected and stored when you visit our site. With the exception of your IP address, this data is automatically deleted after 30 days. The IP address will be kept longer because we, in combination with your approval of our terms and conditions, must be able to demonstrate that we have obtained your permission lawfully. We can also gather information about visiting patterns and site usage, but these can not be traced back to your data.

The information we receive from you is used and provided to prepare the E-Scan for you and to let you use the E-Platform, E-Learnings or E-Courses, to communicate with you, to evaluate the app, to improve our app and for statistical and scientific purposes. We do not provide information to third parties, unless you give us explicit permission for this or as described in these privacy regulations.


With cookies your personal preferences can be saved and the app works better. We placed our own cookies to provide some elements with effects and we use cookies from Google Analytics to gain insight into the behaviour of visitors on our website. This is done anonymously. Due to (EU) legislation we have to ask you if you agree with the use of cookies in this app.

It is also possible that during a visit to our app cookies from third parties – see our register – are stored on your computer and that these third parties then have access to these cookies. We have no influence on the placement and operation of these third party cookies and we do not accept any obligation or liability in this regard.

Cookies required for our application (name of the cookie, followed by an explanation):

scan_code:cookie to know which E-Scan you do and which pages apply to you
id:cookie for keeping track of the session within the server on which the application is running
culture:cookie for determining the language of the app
lo_session_id, _lo_v, _lo_u, _lo_bnsession_cookie for Lucky Orange to be able to offer you online help via chat
_ga, _gat, _gidcookies for anonymous analysis of the website with Google Analytics
you_tubecookies for playing embeded videos

On our app we also refer to sites for more relevant information for developing your entrepreneurship. These sites have been selected by us. However, the information on these websites that are linked or referred to is not examined or analyzed by us. We bear no responsibility for the information and / or content of any internet websites that are linked to this website. A link to another website is exclusively intended for your convenience as a user. Obtaining access to and using other internet websites linked to this website takes place at your own risk. We do not accept any obligation or liability in this respect. We reserve the right to change or remove any link or information on this website at any time.