Pricing Plan

Choose the E-Scan Business Account that works for you as a coach


$13 /mo

Billed yearly

Credit card needed


$33 /mo

Billed yearly

Credit card needed


$53 /mo

Billed yearly

Credit card needed

Not a coach? Order one E-Scan

$13 /mo

Billed yearly

Credit card needed
$33 /mo

Billed yearly

Credit card needed
$53 /mo

Billed yearly

Credit card needed
Coach spaces111
Additional coach space+ $49 /yr+ $39 /yr
Cost per credit
(1 credit is 1 scan)
Clients dashboard
Up to 3 people 360 feedback
Entrepreneurial Index
Self-awareness Index
E-Platform; online learning
Smart Goals Wizard e-learning
Clients chat functionality
Responsive design
Invoice free for your clients
Manage report visibility
Multiple reports
Additional coaching toolscredits basedcredits basedcredits based
Multiple languages
Bulk invitation through Excel
Priority support
Content support
Coach support
Your logo on reports
(extra charge)
White label
(extra charge)
Custom benchmark
(extra charge)
E-Course: Theory
E-Course: Practice
E-Course: Communication
E-Course: Coaching
Mastercard logo
Visa logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Credits are used to invite your clients to do an E-Scan. One credit is one completed scan. You can order more credits in your E-Scan Business Account by clicking on the credit balance in the main menu.

Credits cost depends on the type of Business Account chosen.

We work with everyone from solo coaches, advisors, and teachers to coaching organizations, development agencies, and incubators. Our day-to-day users include business coaches, entrepreneur coaches, entrepreneurship teachers, SME consultants, career coaches, franchise organizations, development agencies, incubators, and informal investors.

Business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and students entrepreneurship don’t and cannot use the E-Scan Business Account. Instead, they are invited by our clients with the E-Scan Business Account or enabled to buy a single report via our website.

Yes. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

The security and integrity of your data are critically important for us, and we’ve built our services around it. Once your information enters our systems – located in Azure in EU – it’s secured with multiple levels of encryption and access controls, for example:

  • Your data in-transit is encrypted using secure TLS cryptographic protocols.
  • Your data at rest is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards with a 256-bit key.
  • Redundant backups of critical data are also in place to ensure business continuity in case of disaster.

Before deciding which pricing plan works for you, you can start the free try-out. It will give you the perfect opportunity to get a good feel of our entrepreneurial mindset assessment, the extensive report, and the ease of use of our platform. After this period, or any sooner as you may wish, you can decide to upgrade to one of our 3 plans. Of course, you can upgrade your plan at any moment. You can also downgrade your plan at any moment. Yet, we don’t refund the remaining days your current plan is active.

Differences packages:
The Solo package is used chiefly by solo coaches who need a tool to coach the person behind the business (idea). The amount of scans they use monthly is limited. Entrepreneur coaches who work together with other coaches, mainly because they have a larger base of clients they service, the Team package is more suited. It also comes with 5 coach spaces and a lower additional credit price. The Enterprise package is mainly used by larger coaching organizations and development agencies, with more credits each month and more coaches involved.