Entrepreneurship development

Why do we do what we do?

It started 25 years ago when Dr. Martijn Driessen did his internship for small business economics at a business consultancy firm of a friend of his in Prague, Czech Republic.

It became much harder for him to get the right finance for the business owners he supported in funding the company. To date, this hasn’t become any easier, despite some handy Fintech. Small business owners still perceive it as difficult. When he asked him: “How do you know they are an entrepreneur? He responded with: “If they come to me, I assume they simply are.”

When he asked the banks how they assess the qualities of an entrepreneur, they answered: “That’s simple: by our gut-feeling.” But banks have about 20% default. That means loans that went wrong. In general, about 50% of the businesses fail within 5 years. That was the case 25 years ago, and unfortunately, it still is. So our mission is:

To develop entrepreneurship, worldwide.

To develop entrepreneurship or to run entrepreneurship development programs, you need to asses it. For this, a scan is required. Because there wasn’t such a scan available Dr. Martijn Driessen decided to design and build one. That’s where it all started.

Business Coaching with Entrepreneur Scan

So, how do we develop entrepreneurship?

We work a lot with business coaches, both profit and non-profit. We support and provide them with online tools, software as service (SaaS). Because small business coaching, with a focus on both the business and the person behind the company, is the key solution to develop entrepreneurship worldwide. Research has proven that. For coaches, we design, develop and deliver first-class business coaching software. We know: ‘business coach’ is a broad term. For us a business coach can be:

  • a teacher who needs it for his students, or
  • a financial consultant or business coach who needs it for small business owners, or
  • development organizations or incubators who need it for their participants, or
  • HR who needs it for their the development of employees into intrapreneurs.
Business Coaching Tools Entrepreneur Scan

What does this assessment & coaching software do?

It helps the coach to develop the entrepreneurial mindsets of entrepreneurs and grow their business. In 5 years success rates of business owners can go up to 89%, mostly with increased profits. So, both coach and entrepreneur benefit from this. We have developed all kinds of tests. Together with additional tools, like Business Plan software, 360º Feedback, Team, and Salesforce Analysis. And on top of that, we have designed and developed several E-Learnings and E-Courses for advisors who want to learn business coaching.

Join our mission. Be part of it.