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Within an average of 16 minutes, you have direct insight into your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. It says something about how enterprising you are and should be.

The scan is based on extensive scientific research. The scan provides a clear picture and explanation of the most important characteristics and qualities that contribute to successful entrepreneurship. It gives you important new self-knowledge.


A thinking style tells something about how you think and act. Are you someone who has ideas all the time or rather the professional who wants to know exactly how something works.

There are 4 entrepreneurial thinking styles: Pioneer, Salesperson, Manager, and Specialist. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. All thinking styles are needed in a company. An entrepreneur needs to look carefully at his own way of thinking and to fill in the missing ones.


Within E-Platform, the scan puts the finger on the sore spot. With the 360º feedback, you prove that you have self-knowledge. With the 360º feedback, you can ask up to 3 people who know you well to complete the scan about you.

How do they see you as an entrepreneur? It lets you look at yourself through the eyes of someone else. Self-knowledge is of great importance for success. It is not about how you score, but how you deal with it.


With the E-Learning on the E-Platform, you can further develop your entrepreneurship based on your personal scan. Not only by setting goals and how you make them smart, but you are also helped to actually achieve your smart goals.

Get inspiration from experts and successful entrepreneurs. See how other entrepreneurs have developed themselves and what has worked for them, what you can learn from.

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