The extensive E-Scan is only available through coaches and teachers. The Mini E-Scan is free.

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Your Actual Entrepreneurial Index

The E-Scan is an extensive and scientific entrepreneurial test. The mini scan is a small business quiz for a first impression. Your Actual Entrepreneurial Index can be calculated based on your answers on the E-Scan. The Index goes from 0 to 100 and says something about how enterprising you really are. If you score high, you have more strong than weak entrepreneurial qualities.

Compare yourself with others

Check your score and compare yourself with others. Have you overestimated or underestimated yourself? This entrepreneurial personality profiler gives you a clearer view of yourself. And that is important to succeed in your business venture.

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You cannot create an account yourself. This is done through coaches and teachers. After all, it is a scientific and paid test, and you get much more out of it with entrepreneurial coaching.

Discover your Entrepreneurial Index

Compare yourself with other entrepreneurs and discover whether you have overestimated or underestimated yourself. More than a million entrepreneurs have already completed the E-Scan.

Extensive results

With the extensive E-Scan results and coaching, you can develop yourself into a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is about falling and standing up, but also about standing down and standing out.

eBook The Golden Egg with free entrepreneur quiz

eBook The Golden Egg. 
Besteller, over 65,000 copies sold.

Get ready for the 21st century. How to become entrepreneurial?

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to become entrepreneurial.

The book ‘The Golden Egg’ by Dr. Martijn Driessen is a real ‘must-have’ for entrepreneurs and anyone thinking about setting up their own company. Using the practical examples in the book’s first part and the somewhat more theoretical second part, Driessen exposes and vividly pictures the psychology of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur quiz shows you how business-minded you are.

Scientifically proven

Most tests are made to measure general personality. These are especially suitable for large organizations. E-Scan has been developed explicitly for the entrepreneurial life and entrepreneurial personality of the person behind the business who performs the job of running and owning a new business of your own. And thus fully geared to entrepreneurship in small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

Based on this extensive version, a scan has also been made that is tailored to students. However, as a teacher, you can request an E-Scan education account.

From the beginning, scientific research has focused on strategies that lead to entrepreneurial behavior and the most important traits of a successful entrepreneur.

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Widely used

More than one million budding and established entrepreneurs have completed their E-Scan. Check the reviews. Furthermore, this scan is based on scientific research. It is a reliable and highly used scan for the assessment of measures of entrepreneurial skills and behavior.

How do you know if you can become a successful entrepreneur? What’s the best advice for the first-time entrepreneur? There is only one thing you need to do:

Start with the entrepreneur assessment first.

Lack of confidence

In a survey of 105,000 startup founders in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, 61% do not know where to begin. A lot is coming at them, and they often get overwhelmed. That makes them even more insecure than they may already be. For example, 66% lack confidence and regularly ask themselves: “am I an entrepreneur?”. However, they are proactive and would like to move forward. They just feel the pressure getting bigger without going a step further because they don’t know where to start. Hence, fueled by their uncertainty, they want to learn from others and develop their enterprising mindset. Therefore, entrepreneurship should begin with E-Scan.

Survival rate after 5 years

51% fail within 5 years

Research shows that 51% of all founders do not make it. So, half of them will stop their business within 5 years of its foundation. If the bank or angel investor had provided financing, bankruptcy often follows. The entrepreneur then loses his money and all his personal belongings. Relationships, family, and friends often react negatively. That can cause unpleasant feelings of failure and doubt: “am I an entrepreneur; should I be an entrepreneur?”.

It is commonly thought that you are born an entrepreneur. Read more about the entrepreneur definition. However, the good news, and therefore the key lesson here, is that you can quit your day job and start learning to set up your own business. You can simply develop most skills, such as sales, social media marketing, and negotiation. By learning it along the way, you can become more entrepreneurial. However, it begins with knowing yourself first!

A profile of the business owner; essential in your business plan

A detailed plan for a business is necessary to obtain financing from a bank or angel investor. Usually, it is expected that this contains an entrepreneur profile of you. They want to know the person behind the business idea. For instance, the bestseller “Making a business plan” by Roel Grit (Wolters Noordhoff) also recommends adding an entrepreneur profile as the first chapter of your plan for business. The outcome of the E-Scan is an instant entrepreneur profile.

In addition, with the E-Scan Confrontation Tool, you can find out which strong and weak points as an entrepreneur are essential and help achieve your company’s success. For example, that’s what every financier wants to know. Don’t you?

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What’s important is how entrepreneurial you are!

Most people believe that a good entrepreneur is born that way. However, research has proven that anyone can learn to become more entrepreneurial. Of course, to start your own business, you must have the right spirit. That is a requirement. Passion is welcome too. So, you must love what you do. Even more crucial, feel that inner drive to become a great entrepreneur. But even experienced entrepreneurs sometimes lose their drive and enthusiasm. That’s more common than you would expect. Moreover, a mentor or a coach can help rediscover the real passion and motivation for the business they run.

Sometimes even people with no idea what type or what kind of new business to start are very motivated and driven to reach the goal of a successful business. For example, they have the desire and drive to work day and night to achieve and realize their dream. But make no mistake; it doesn’t mean they possess the required entrepreneur mindset. For instance, they don’t score 100% on the entrepreneur quiz; they have their weaker areas. However, these areas can be enhanced with coaching. One of the latest entrepreneurship trends is that more and more business owners are open to learning and, even more vital, to change!

Reviews of users

This entrepreneur quiz I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Took it years ago, and became A LOT wiser on HOW to be the best ENTREPRENEUR I can be!!! – www.thinkinnewareas.com

Tina Jonasen – Denmark | Entrepreneur

I learned once more that perception is not the same as reality. It helped me get focus my own personal development and that my business partner and I, are not the best match to run a business together. We’re too much alike. So I started some discussions on how to move forward and get more financial success.

Waqas Baggia – United Kingdom | STARTUP FOUNDER