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For students in entrepreneurship education, it is possible to use the E-Scan. Fill in the form to request your E-Scan Education Account.

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    Fill in the form to request your E-Scan Education Account

      The scan is based on extensive scientific research. The scan provides a clear picture and explanation of the most important characteristics and qualities that contribute to successful entrepreneurship. It gives you important new self-knowledge.
      There are 4 entrepreneurial thinking styles: Pioneer, Salesperson, Manager, and Specialist. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. All thinking styles are needed in a company. An entrepreneur needs to look carefully at his own way of thinking and to fill in the missing ones.
    • 360º FEEDBACK
      Within E-Platform, the scan puts the finger on the sore spot. With the 360º feedback, you prove that you have self-knowledge. With the 360º feedback, you can ask up to 3 people who know you well to complete the scan about you.