Discover how our tests, tools, and training can help you to foster entrepreneurship

In this coach demo, you’ll learn how our tests, tools, and training will help you as a coach to add extra professional value to small business owners and attract new clients.

  • Scientifically validated
    E-Scan tests, tools, and training are based on extensive scientific research. The E-Scan has been used by more than 750,000 people to increase their self-knowledge and further develop themselves.
  • Proven business coaching results
    Business coaching based on the E-Scan tests, tools, and training let the success rate of entrepreneurs increase to 89% in 5 years against about 50% on average.
  • Easily attract new clients and add professional value
    Improve your sales by realizing many new prospects and a higher conversion up to 30% on prospects leading to more billed hours and extra professional value to customers.
  • Develop entrepreneurship
    There are many business owners and even many more to come. But not all of them are entrepreneurial too. Develop entrepreneurship, worldwide. Together we can. 

The tests and training tools of Entrepreneur Scan offer great value for growth-entrepreneurs and small business owners as they have a unique ‚game change‘-potential:

  • it truly inspires
  • it is a powerful instrument to help consultants and business coaches install new thinking with their clients
  • in the end, it is a true ‘game changer’ as it helps to create essential behavior changes with clients resulting in, maybe even more importantly, happy faces and big smiles
René Savelberg - former CEO McDonald’s NetherlandsDirector Business Leaders Network Netherlands

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