This E-Course is all about communication as an essential but vital foundation for coaching in general. So, also for the … >>>

Ontdek de wetenschap achter de E-Scan. Deze E-Course gaat over de wetenschap en achtergronden van de E-Scan. Het geeft een … >>>

E-Scan Theory explains in detail what entrepreneurial competencies are, how to measure them accurately, and how well E-Scan helps to improve entrepreneurs and those that want to become one.

This E-Course is all about the basics of coaching. You will learn what coaching is, and how it differs from … >>>

An online training on how to use E-Scan in business coaching sessions. It has 5 sections and takes about 95 … >>>

In deze E-Course leer je hoe je de E-Scan gebruikt en kunt toepassen in ondernemerscoaching sessies. Ook leer je hoe … >>>