This E-Course is all about communication as an essential but vital foundation for coaching in general. So, also for the … >>>

Ontdek de wetenschap achter de E-Scan. Deze E-Course gaat over de wetenschap en achtergronden van de E-Scan. Het geeft een … >>>

E-Scan Theory explains in detail what entrepreneurial competencies are, how to measure them accurately, and how well E-Scan helps to improve entrepreneurs and those that want to become one.

This E-Course is all about the basics of coaching. You will learn what coaching is, and how it differs from … >>>

An online training on how to use E-Scan in business coaching sessions. It has 5 sections and takes about 95 … >>>

In deze E-Course leer je hoe je de E-Scan gebruikt en kunt toepassen in ondernemerscoaching sessies. Ook leer je hoe … >>>

In deze online cursus leer je over de E-Scan Teamanalyse. Je leert wat ondernemende teams kenmerkt, wat hen effectief maakt … >>>

Ontdek binnen 10 minuten wat E-Scan jou en je klanten kan geven.  Direct een dieper inzicht in het ondernemersprofiel van … >>>

In this E-Course, you will learn about the E-Scan Team Analysis. You will learn about what characterizes entrepreneurial teams. And what makes them effective. Furthermore, you’ll discover a tool to analyze these entrepreneurial teams. To finish off, you learn to analyze teams with practical training. After this course, you’re ready to start measuring and helping to develop the power of entrepreneurial teams.

Discover in little as 10 minutes how E-Scan gives you and your clients an instant and deeper insight into their entrepreneurial profile and grow their mindsets for a relevant future.