How to boost self-awareness and business performance using the E-Scan?

E-Scan helps to get instant insight into entrepreneurs

In this 5 minute blog, you’ll learn how E-Scan boosts instant insight, self-awareness, empowerment, and ultimately business performance for small and medium businesses.

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The entrepreneur is the pivot for the success of a business. So, whether it’s a start-up or a mature and thriving company, it is all about the woman or man behind the business. Therefore, direct insight into the characteristics of a business owner will increase your understanding of the client. And allow them to improve.


E-Scan, as an online entrepreneurial assessment test, helps small business owners to gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and their type of thinking like an entrepreneur. However, the impact is even bigger with business coaching, leading to a guaranteed increase in their self-awareness. Ultimately, it results in a positive effect on their business performance.

Above all, other psychometric tests concentrate on leadership or management characteristics and some even on self-knowledge or what quizzes you can do to become more self-aware. And moreover, these tests are mostly developed for large organizations. Besides, when recruiting, they analyze whether people will ‘fit in.’

So, E-Scan focuses on small businesses or entrepreneurial teams. It is closely aligned with the culture and nature of this context.

Purpose of E-Scan

The main aim of E-Scan is to increase the impact an entrepreneur has on its overall business performance. It is a fundamental element for business coaches to apply E-Scan. That, in turn, means coaching can help increase the key performance of companies. Research has proven that. In other words, converting them into more and faster business success for the business owner.

However, a unique aspect of this entrepreneur profiling tool is that it provides a clear picture of how the entrepreneur thinks. The entrepreneurial thinking of business owners, in turn, correlates to how they will react to business issues and opportunities.

The 4 main benefits of E-Scan: an entrepreneurial review:

1. Instant insight

Small business owners report an instant insight into their entrepreneurial profile, which is confirmed by their business coach. It really helps the enterprising coachees to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur.

Some testimonials:

The E-Scan immediately showed me how to be stronger in my shoes to make certain important decisions. It has also confirmed to me that I have to be something with the financial side of my business.

Coach, Gabriel, has given me a lot more insight into my market awareness, the marketing method and the concrete steps to be taken that match my entrepreneurial profile. In addition, she has also provided more insight into the phases of starting a business and where my strengths and pitfalls lie.

2. Self-awareness

The instant insight for both the entrepreneur and their business coach paves the way to develop self-awareness of the business owner. So, a plan of action offered by the business coach leads to a practical focus on behavior and activity.

A review:

My insight into my emotions and behavior has grown. My coach could even have tackled me more firmly. Sometimes I felt too much confirmation of my own input. Although, by mirroring and sparring with me, she has thrown me back on myself and taught me to think about thoughts and emotions.

He made me see that the past is less relevant than I thought. She taught me to get to the heart of things faster and get to work faster. The goal, taking off the brake, has been achieved. Furthermore, it has become even clearer to me that I am in charge, but I don’t have to do everything myself. I am a nicer person now than I was before.

3. Empowerment

E-Scan combined with business coaching increases self-awareness, which is the foundation for empowerment. Business coaching clients experience a higher level of desire, confidence, and determination to build a viable business (and income).

Some testimonials:

Krisja, my coach, has held up a mirror to enable me to follow my own path and make my own decisions. The ability to reflect upon myself has been and will continue to be important to me. As I have more guts now and dare to present myself as an entrepreneur. I now have much more confidence. She has shown me that the doubt that I have, the uncertainty that I feel, is mainly to stay sharp and respond alertly.

My entrepreneur coach mainly left me free to make the choices I wanted to make myself. He gave me the tools and handles I needed. I especially needed a sparring partner, motivator and a devils’ advocate and he sensed that well. My coach met my expectations in a different way than I had expected in advance. I expected that he would take on a leading role, but luckily he became more of a sparring partner and co-entrepreneur…

…He learned me to formulate my request for help and how to ask others for help. I was forced to think about my points for improvement and strong points and to start working on them. It has helped me to develop myself and my company further.

4. Better business performance

The business process of coaching follows the path from instant insight, to higher levels of self-awareness, to increased empowerment, and eventually to better business performance.

Some reviews:

My business coach supported and guided me well where necessary. The first session was 7 months ago, and a lot has happened at that time. Written a business plan, received a loan from the bank, taken over an existing company, reopened showroom, achieved revenue 2018 according to forecast, 2019 an excellent start, Feb 2019 I opened a second shop.

The coach of mine has given me a lot of insight into myself. For example, what my strengths and weaknesses are and how I can use them to achieve my goals. As a result, I now have a good picture of what my company stands for and how I can best show this to my target group. So, now I have a better insight into what sets me apart and that paid of in better cash flow.


Finally, E-Scan increases the self-development of the entrepreneur, but it has an even greater impact in the long term when combined with business coaching. For example, as part of a development program. 

Research shows that in the Netherlands programs by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce have been successfully empowering entrepreneurship; survival rates went up to 89% in five years and revenues by 50% in the first year.

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