E-Scan Team Analysis

More and more business owners work in teams. So, the obvious question is how well do they operate as a team? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Based on their E-Scans the strengths and weaknesses of the team are analyzed.

It gives you a clear report on how powerful they are as an entrepreneurial team.

  • a strengths/weaknesses overview
  • up to 6 persons in a team
  • the power of the team captured in an index

The E-Scan Team Analysis is suitable for any business, entrepreneurial team, or (student) startup. It gives an insight into how great a team is. Up to a maximum of 6 team members can participate in a Team Analysis.

An effective team complements each other on two points. On the one hand, they have to differ and reinforce each other. On the other hand, they have to agree and think more or less the same. For this, we created two indexes. The first index indicates the degree of conformity: the Fit Index. The second index shows to what extent the members in a team differ from each other: the Differ Index. Altogether it shows how entrepreneurial the team is, what their blind spots are and where possible pitfalls lie.

The team analysis indicates a detailed analysis of the strength of a team. That provides you and your client’s team a valuable starting point to get a really open discussion into how they should operate as a team. It leads to new insights for the members where they previously had not yet thought of.

It’s really amazing to see the three reports together in numbers! That again teaches us to look in a different way and to take account of each others different profiles and behavior. Moreover, it is a kind of rational look at how we can work together as a team. Also it shows us where we can possibly make adjustments. The personal description is a very nice addition that clearly shows how everything fits together! Very satisfied.

Dries Maerten – entrepreneur in the hospitality industry – Belgium


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