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Scientifically validated
Our tools are based on scientific research. The E-Scan has been used by more than 1,000,000 students and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship program: proven student results
Coaching students based on our tools increase the entrepreneurial mindset of students, and some even start their own business.

Teaching entrepreneurial mindset: training and education
As a teacher or entrepreneurship educator you can help students in two ways: enhance their knowledge on entrepreneurship, and improve the mindset of a young person through entrepreneurial learning and training.

Teaching entrepreneurship
Research shows that entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset can be learned. Join our mission to develop entrepreneurship, worldwide.

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E-Scan is one of the most advanced EntreComp self assessment tools. EntreComp is the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and could serve as a basis for the entrepreneurship curriculum. The 21st-century skills and entrepreneurial skills must be part of that curriculum. You can download their EntreComp into ActionAlong with this handy infographic.

Teaching entrepreneurship

For the teacher or entrepreneurship educator, there is an online teacher training. In this online program, the participants learn the impact of E-Scan and how to apply it at best in entrepreneurship education. The course has a strong focus on the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Skills, like creativity, innovation, critical thinking, design thinking, opportunity recognition, idea generation, and many more. 

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