Intrapreneur Scan, assessing enterprising employees


One of the most time-consuming activities that HR has to conduct is recruitment & selection. Especially when new competencies need to be looked for in new hires.

Due to rapidly changing markets and customer needs, the demand for employees with entrepreneurial competencies increases. Competencies like social orientation, flexibility, creativity, endurance, and risk-taking, to name a few. But these and other entrepreneurial traits are relatively new to HR.

Recruiting and selecting intrapreneurs from the rest makes it even more time-consuming and stressing for HR.

HR struggles to deliver

Companies look for employees who can operate as an entrepreneur within their organization. While the board has no clue how intrapreneurial their staff is, HR still has to deliver. However, a daunting task it is. How do you find those intrapreneurial co-workers amongst others? New-hires who seek freedom within an organization without the desire to start their own business?


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Changing markets and customer needs require entrepreneurial people within organizations

Intrapreneurial Team Development

Managers and executives play a crucial role in stimulating and facilitating employees to take the lead into their own personal development. With Intrapreneur Scan users can and will take upon their own development. In other words, taking the initiative.

After all, that is what being intrapreneurial is about. More and more employees want to be in control of their own personal development, when and where they want. They love the freedom to act on their own, but with the comfort of a large organization.

However, due to the hectic at work and the short term deadlines, employees are hindered from working on their personal development. The mobile responsiveness of Intrapreneur Scan and its add-ons give them more possibilities to keep track of their self-development.

Quick online intrapreneurial assessment

Intrapreneur Scan is a smart online intrapreneurial assessment test. The I-Scan has a firm foundation in extensive and scientific research into successful entrepreneurs. Alongside it uncovers the most critical competencies for intrapreneurship.

The intrapreneur needs the same traits and skills as the entrepreneur, but their context is different. Employees in profit and not for profit organizations can take the I-Scan. It is suited for their situation. Furthermore, it is quick and easy. It takes employees less than 14 minutes to complete.

Entrepreneurial Index

After finishing I-Scan, users receive their Entrepreneurial Index. For more in-depth insight, an extensive report shows detailed information about the intrapreneurial profile of the employee. Their profile is compared to that of what is needed for intrapreneurship to thrive. Additionally, personal tips and advice are offered.

Intrapreneur Scan (I-Scan) measures and monitors the vigor of an organization. It is much more than just a scan. In essence, it measures the entrepreneurial mindset of the staff. On top of that, it can measure the structure and intrapreneurial culture of an organization, hence the power of an organization.

  • employees’ entrepreneurial potential
  • structure and culture of the organization
  • including 3 x 360º feedback
  • monitoring vigor of an organization

I-Scan measures how entrepreneurial an employee is. And therefore also a group of employees. The scan is based on a scientifically validated online questionnaire. It reports the main characteristics, qualities, and thinking styles required for intrapreneurship.

Besides that, decisive factors for growth, such as structure, culture, and the role of management, can be measured too with the scan. By assessing all employees of the company (or a department), a total profile can be formed and a starting point to develop intrapreneurs is generated. In the end, giving a clear picture of how entrepreneurial the organization as a whole is to the management — a picture that shows its assets, what misses, and what needs to be done about it.

Looking for Entrepreneurial Candidates within an organization

Ten key traits and four intrapreneurial thinking styles

The I-Scan evaluates the employee of an organization against ten key entrepreneurial traits and four intrapreneurial thinking styles.

Furthermore, they can invite up to three people to give them feedback. So how do others score them as an intrapreneur. This can be done by colleagues or friends. It will provide them with even more self awareness, because they can learn more about themselves as an intrapreneur through the eyes of peers. HR on the other hand will see how acurate their self-knowledge is.

Once they complete the I-Scan and have access to their reports, they can start with their self-development on their personal E-Platform. E-Platform is an online development environment. This is where the action takes place.

Employees can start working on their self-development and learn to acquire the necessary competencies that are needed to thrive as an intrapreneur in the department or organization as a whole. It is even possible to design a custom made E-Learning program, with coaches online to help where guidance is embraced.

Furthermore, a digital coach Hugo is there to virtually guide them in their development. Also, some smart wizards and add-ons can help them where self-development becomes difficult.

Did you know?

How a typical profile of an intrapreneur looks like:

Flexible – An adaptive respons to the market

Socially Orientated – Good at dealing with others

Creative – Sees new opportunities for the organization

Endurance – Keeps on going even against all resistance

4 intrapreneur profile aspects


You are never to old to be entrepreneurial. The fact is that an increasing number of older employees have lots of potential to be entrepreneurial. Yet HR often thinks that intrapreneurship is for the young professionals and not something for the elderly. They have lots of experience and their competences are often in balance. With Intrapreneur Scan we were not only able to do scientific research but also develop intrapreneurship in organizations as well.

Dr. Gert van Brussel – Chairman NOLOC, Dutch Association of Career Professionals

The report is recognizable. Sufficiently nuanced by notes. Good starting point to learn on how to be entrepreneurial for my employer now an explanation is known which makes the report and my self-image even sharper. Moreover I really find the app very user friendly and a nice touch too is that I am able to work on my goals online and for my coach to monitor my progress. A really cool feature

Erik Nee – Business Development Manager