Entrepreneur coaching certification

The future of administration offices and accountants will change due to automation. Soon, more emphasis will be placed on guiding the entrepreneur to a relevant future. Consequently, more and more financial advisers are showing an interest in entrepreneur coaching certification. Oddly enough, so do small business and marketing coaches because there are many coaches for businesses, but few entrepreneur coaches.

After all, the business leader‘s personality influences the success of the company and vice versa. Professional coaching of CEOs can positively impact their entrepreneurial mindset and, thus, their success.

Research has shown that a certified entrepreneur coach does make an impact. A coaching program of about 3,000 business owners measured an increase of their survival rate to as far as 89% (OECD, 2014*). The national average in the EU and the USA, for example, is about 49%. 

Online courses on coaching entrepreneurs

To learn to work with and coach small business owners based on our tests, tools, and training, we offer you highly valued e-courses. You can start and stop this online business coach training at any time. The design is interactive and available on a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Participants can do their personalized e-courses at their own time, place, and pace. Certification is offered.

Certificate program

We support you, certified coaches, small business consultants, and financial advisors, to sharpen your saw in enhancing your entrepreneurial skills and coaching competency. Together with your experience and expertise, it is your goal to help your clients thrive in the future. Despite your expert genre and coaching certification background, we are focused on equipping you with an expert level of entrepreneurial coaching through our online e-learning and certificate program.

Target audience

The training is intended for anyone who wants to become a certified coach for entrepreneurs. A requirement is that you have at least five years of experience in guiding small business owners. For example, administrative offices, accountants who advise and guide SME entrepreneurs, and financial advisers want to learn how to best coach entrepreneurs towards greater success.

What is this e-course about?

  • what does an entrepreneurial mindset consist of and how exactly do you measure and develop it;
  • the scientific insights behind measuring and enhancing entrepreneurship;
  • how and when you can use the validated tests and small business coaching tools in a targeted manner;
  • gain coaching skills effectively to coach business owners toward the sustainable success of their entrepreneurial venture.

Result: entrepreneur coaching certification

After the training, you will have the coaching skills to guide the business owner on a personal level to more growth of him personally and a successful business. You can also show the entrepreneur what his role will be in the future of his company and the impact his entrepreneurial profile has on the company and vice versa. Certification is offered after successful completion.

ItemsNumber of lessons
Assessing and developing entrepreneurs15
Communication in coaching8
Entrepreneur Coaching6
Online mock sessions and practical cases4
Entrepreneur Coaching Certification33

What will you learn?

  • What an entrepreneur’s mindset consists of and how to reliably measure and develop it;
  • The scientific insights behind entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial coaching;
  • Work with validated tests, tools, and coaching techniques;
  • How to effectively coach entrepreneurs towards sustainable success;
  • At your own time and pace, 24/7. Including certification once you have successfully completed the entrepreneur coaching program.