Earn Your Entrepreneur Coaching Certification

Your coaching services have the power to drive sustainable small business success. By earning your Entrepreneur Coaching Certification from Entrepreneur Scan, you will develop the skills necessary to make a measurable impact while showcasing your competencies to prospective clients.

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The E-Scan Advantage

Centered on tailored strategies and actionable insight, our certification course bridges the gap between entrepreneur coaching and growth. Ultimately, small business owners who work with certified coaches have an up to 40% greater survival rate than those who do not.*

Through our Entrepreneur Coaching Certification, you can:
Learn how to mold a high-performance entrepreneurial mindset using scientific insight
Discover the common skills and characteristics necessary for business success
Understand what motivates different types of business owners
Familiarize yourself with validated tests and training tools for targeted usage
Become an expert communicator who connects on a meaningful level with entrepreneurs, and more

Upon completion, you may include your accreditation on websites, profiles, social media pages, and outreach messages to attract new prospects.

Guiding Company Roles

One of the key barriers to growth for businesses is the entrepreneur’s role. By building your own level of knowledge, you can guide entrepreneurs to realize where their time and focus are best spent. Overall, your efforts will help establish a framework for sustainable progress and scaling.

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Our Entrepreneur Coaching Certification features live training sessions to reinforce key lessons. As a result, the trainers and business owners we work with have limited availabilities. In turn, we can only accept a limited number of certification course attendees. Learn more and reserve your seat by leaving your details.

Self-Paced Courses & Live Training Session

Our Entrepreneur Coaching Certification balances theory with implementation. While our interactive courses feature relatable examples, exercises, knowledge checkpoints, and more, our live training sessions are centered on application.

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Your certification includes:

  • Dynamic online courses at your own pace
  • Mock trainings to reinforce key principles
  • Q&A sessions to cover any knowledge gaps
  • Live coaching with real business owners for hands-on practice

Of note, the entirety of your certification will be held online, including the live training sessions. Courses are accessible via both desktop and mobile.

Expand Your Repertoire of Core Competencies

Whether you’re a dedicated business coach, consultant, financial advisor, or business support professional, entrepreneurs and small business owners depend on expert advice. By adding our Entrepreneur Coaching Certification to your accreditations, you can elevate your impact while empowering clients to transform their outlook. Check out the customer reviews.

Establish a Foothold in a Specialized Market

Despite high demand, veKed entrepreneur coaches are challenging to find. Right now, you have the opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted authority for entrepreneurial growth.

Develop the coaching acumen and accreditation necessary to add an entrepreneurial coaching vertical to your offerings. Even as the ever-changing business ecosystem continues to evolve, you will have the skills and tools necessary to help business owners stay relevant.

Items of certificationNumber of lessons
How to assess & develop entrepreneurs15
Key rules of communication8
Essentials of entrepreneur coaching 6
Online mock sessions and practical cases4
Total lessons:33

Get started today

We invite you to learn more about our Entrepreneur Coaching Certification by contacting us for a free informational call. There, we can discuss the program in further detail, answer your questions, and get started.

If you’re ready to become a trusted entrepreneur coach, earning your certification is the first step. Give your business clients the support they need to thrive today.

*An OECD study of about 3,000 business owners found that coaching programs can yield a survival rate of up to 89% compared to the 49% EU and USA national average.