eBook: The Golden Egg

This eBook gives a detailed answer to what the entrepreneurial mindset consists of and how to develop one further. It is written for business owners and those who aspire to become one. But of course, for coaches too, who help and guide (aspiring) entrepreneurs to a sustainable future. 

Based on science, the author tells you what characteristics, capabilities, and thinking styles you need as an entrepreneur. On top of that, it shows you how you can develop a successful entrepreneurial mindset. Between the pages, you read compelling examples of small business owners who made it to the top and those still struggling.

  • 109 pages
  • practical examples and how to’s
  • available in PDF and ePub

The eBook, The Golden Egg, is a scientific approach to the entrepreneurial mindset and developing it. It is based on the Dutch bestseller: ‘De ondernemende ondernemer,’ of which over 65,000 hard copies have been sold.

Yesterday I read the book in one go. Clear and accessible. I have constantly translated it to myself, it gave me a lot of insights in to my entrepreneurial way of thinking and what I am lacking.

Jan van Lunteren – design furniture maker.