E-Scan, entrepreneurial mindset tool

The E-Scan gives you a direct and accurate insight into the entrepreneurial profile of your clients and tips for entrepreneurial mindset development.

Many business coaches, financial advisors, business developers, and career counselors nowadays use E-Scan as a starting point for further mindset development.

For example, teachers use it as a foundation for the personal development plans of students.

On the other hand, incubators offer it frequently as part of their development programs. For them, it is not only a starting point but an endpoint as well. It’s perfect for measuring the personal growth of their participants.

Research shows an increased level of self-confidence for all participants. Increased trust in their own abilities, leads to a higher self-awareness. That, in turn, leads to a higher firm performance if it concerns established businesses.

For those thinking about starting a business, the time from idea to actual start diminished with half the time it takes people, in general, to start a business.


  • 109 questions
  • it takes 14 minutes to complete
  • 40+ pages PDF
  • including 3 x 360º feedback
  • online development environment

So E-Scan helps to let your clients or students reflect on their entrepreneurial profile. That takes at least one or two coaching sessions or class assignments. Also, it feeds your clients self-awareness and increases their self-knowledge.

The extensive report adds extra professional value to your business coaching services. Even more so, if you provide their personal report with your company logo and colors. Most business coaches offer several sessions to guide their clients to personal and business growth.

In some cases, when writing a business plan, an E-Scan is added to show their strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. Coaches and teachers often also use an E-Scan Confrontation Tool, which yields a strategy that fits their clients’ entrepreneurial profile.


  1. It all starts with E-Scan. So, whatever tools or add-ons you’re interested in, it starts with an E-Scan first. Are you a business coach and want to try it out?
  2. Are you a (business) coach or teacher? Request a trial version of the E-Scan.

E-Scan is a widely used and reliable assessment test for the entrepreneurial mindset for further development. More than one million people did the E-Scan.

Prof. dr. Peter Zwart

Looking for Entrepreneurial Candidates within an organization

It is not whether you’re an entrepreneur but how entrepreneurial you are

Most people believe that entrepreneurs are born. However, research has proven that (almost) anyone can learn to become more entrepreneurial.

First of all, you develop skills like sales and market awareness quite easily. Secondly, our research proved that you can develop characteristics like self-belief and social orientation. But, less easy than it is to develop skills. Finally, with coaching, you can develop yourself to become a better entrepreneur. Especially with starting a business of your own.

You can increase your understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur by getting insight into your entrepreneurial competencies. E-Scan creates the opportunity to improve yourself because no one is born a perfect entrepreneur. However, you are able to become a better business owner with proper coaching.

Self-awareness empowers anyone to become better

A business owner can become a better entrepreneur through self-awareness. E-Scan helps them to develop their strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur further. As a result, they gain awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, they learn to understand their thinking styles, which any business owner needs in their business.

Firm owners discover the impact they have on their own business success. They learn how their personality is interrelated with their business and how their thinking impacts their success. This affects the way they would react to situations and opportunities and, in the end, result in how they would perform. See how owners have benefited from E-Scan and coaching in our reviews.

A quick online entrepreneurial assessment

E-Scan is a quick and easy online assessment. Based on extensive and scientific research, it uncovers the competencies you need as an entrepreneur: The Entrepreneurial Mindset. This entrepreneur test is suited for anyone having a business or who is in the process of starting one.

Entrepreneurial Index

After finishing your E-Scan, your client will get their Entrepreneurial Index for free. If you want a deeper insight into their entrepreneur profile, there are several packages available. The extensive report contains detailed information about the entrepreneurial profile compared to the profile of successful entrepreneurs.

10 key entrepreneurial traits and 4 thinking styles

E-Scan evaluates your client against ten key characteristics and four thinking styles. Furthermore, your client can invite up to 3 people to give them 360-degree feedback. That means that those people answer the E-Scan about your client. It will give them even more self-awareness because they can learn more about themselves through the eyes of their peers.

Once they have completed the scan and you get access to their report, they can start developing their entrepreneurial mindset on the E-Platform. This is an online development tool for your clients. This is where the development begins. Of course, as a coach, you can guide them online. You are helping them in their self-development journey.