The E-Platform is an online environment where small business owners (to be) can further develop their entrepreneurial potential. Business coaches, career coaches, and teachers can monitor and coach their clients online in combination with offline coaching and education.

  • knowledge and tips for successful entrepreneurship
  • personal advice on how to further develop
  • an online development environment with coaches online

The E-Platform is suitable for every starting business owner, entrepreneur, student, or startup. Coaches can be linked to the E-Platform to monitor the development of their clients and guide them in their personal development.

If an E-Scan is done the E-Platform is activated. You can let the client work on their development, by letting them formulate concrete goals to work on.

To get small business owners to work on their self development is quite a challenge. So, it is great to have a tool that supports our program in that respect.

Bert – Manager Business Community Services – Netherlands


  1. Register with your first and last name, and e-mail address. Your personal details will be safe and not sold to third parties.
  2. Right after the registration, you can do the freemium E-Scan.
  3. After completion, you can ask for your premium results.