An entrepreneurial E-Learning is an online training program that guides your client step by step in setting and achieving personal goals. It gives you as a coach and your coachees a focus on their personal and entrepreneurial development.

  • used on top of an E-Scan
  • programs are customizable to your specific needs
  • blended learning: online and offline coaching

The E-Learning is available for coaches who want to combine online and offline coaching. Based on your specific needs a program is compiled. A program can be built up out of several steps. It is up to you how many steps a program must entail.

A program can have many steps. Steps like for example: inviting people to a 360º Feedback, setting goals, formulate goals SMART, perform a SWOT analysis, visit events, follow coaching sessions, write reflection reports, write an evaluation, and so on.

Because setting smart goals is difficult for many people, we have developed a wizard-based on scientific research which makes setting and achieving goals much easier. When an E-Scan is completed the E-Learning is automatically activated and you are linked as a coach.

Digitization is a trend. More and more services are provided via the internet. This includes e-coaching and e-advice. The e-learning platform is a nice practical example of this.

Alan H. – Manager e-coaching Entrepreneurs Agency – Netherlands


  1. Register with your first and last name, and e-mail address. Your personal details will be safe and not sold to third parties.
  2. Right after the registration, you can do the freemium E-Scan.
  3. After completion, you can ask for your premium results.