E-Scan Confrontation Tool

Once E-Scan is done, the next step is to help the business owner or team to come up with the perfect strategy that complements their entrepreneurial profile.

For this, the E-Scan Confrontation Tool was created. It helps you as a coach or trainer to let your clients connect their entrepreneurial profile to their future challenges. It does that by systematically confronting their strong and weak points intuitively to the opportunities and threats their business will face in the future. Together with your clients, you can coach them to come up with the right strategy and concrete actions.

  • designed as an E-Course (100 minutes; own time and pace)
  • equipped with practical examples
  • used on top of the E-Scan

The E-Scan Confrontation Tool is suitable for any entrepreneur or entrepreneurial (student) team. Ideal for clients who are writing a business plan.

The E-Scan has proven to be indispensable for indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the entrepreneur. With the E-Scan Confrontation Tool, you can make it crystal clear to your clients what their personal steps are that they need to follow to achieve success.

It has proven to be a highly valued tool by coaches, financial consultants, and teachers.

The E-Scan Confrontation tool really helps me in discussing the profile of the entrepreneur. Talk about his strong and weak points in relation to his business. It really comes to live for my customers.

Erwin Tichem – accountant & business coach – Netherlands


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