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Why should every business owner hire a small business coach?

A business owner needs coaching but hardly asks for it. One of the main reasons for this ‘coaching gap’ is that the owner-manager of a business requires help asking the right questions. This means the owner must develop an accurate sense of what is going on in their business. But being an essential part of that same business, it is much harder to be objective about how the business is progressing. And that makes it even more difficult to discover how that affects them personally. 

Another downside of not asking the right questions is that a small business owner is – wrongfully – convinced they could turn around any problem themselves. Pride in their leadership, not wanting to be accountable to someone, willing to learn but resistant to change isn’t helping either. You need a coaching toolkit to break through this virtual barrier. 

On the other hand, business coaches have difficulty in attracting new clients and creating a steady income flow. Social media isn’t a strong suit of the coach; marketing and selling themselves as a coach and their business coaching services or coaching program isn’t either. Even for a professional coach, executive coach, career coach, or even an experienced coach, this is a problem. Although they will wait to admit it. The coaching profession requires coaching skills like asking the right questions and listening, as opposed to promoting and marketing an entrepreneur needs to demonstrate. 

coaching questions for a business coach to ask prospects

A great tool for your coaching practice

A small business coaching toolkit can help overcome this gap. The freemium packages offer free business coaching tools for the coach. This freemium coaching toolkit is free for the owner of a business. Many business owners are more curious about how well they do than other successful businessmen and women. It offers the coach the first approach to a complimentary coaching session. At the same time, it provides the owner-manager of a business with a stepping stone to getting familiar with the benefits of coaching.

Our coaching tools or executive coaching tools, used throughout the coaching process, shift the owner’s viewpoint. The toolkit gently seduces them to reflect upon themselves and to assess their motivation, skill, capability, and knowledge. Once their strengths and weaknesses are mapped out, our toolkit helps to translate them to goal setting. Goal setting is even enhanced with a Smart Goal Wizard and a SWOT Confrontation coaching app to ensure success. 

Business coaching tools, coaching entrepreneurs

Coaching relationship

Research points out that the critical success factor of small business coaching is whether or not the coach and his client have sufficient communication skills.

The coaching conversation is the main playing ground. Whether it is executive coaching, life coaching, group coaching, business coaching, or even virtual coaching, the coaching relationship is crucial to both parties’ success. 


Scientifically validated & widely used
Our business coaching toolkit is based on scientific research. The E-Scan has been used by more than one million (nascent) entrepreneurs.

Proven business coaching results
Business coaching followed upon our coaching toolkit increased the survival rate of business owners up to 89% in 5 years. EU average is about 50%.

Easily attract new clients
Improve the sales of your business coaching services with our free business coaching tools (conversion rates up to 30%) and turn your valued coaching client into a fanatic ambassador.

Develop entrepreneurship
There are many business owners and even many more to come. But not all of them are enterprising too. Join our mission to develop entrepreneurship.

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