Entrepreneurial self-assessment tests, tools, and training for Business Coaches & Advisors

Discover how our tests, tools, and online training material can help you in fostering entrepreneurship of your clients and get potential coaching clients too.


Scientifically validated
Our tools are based on scientific research. The E-Scan has been used by more than 750,000 (nascent) entrepreneurs.

Proven entrepreneur coaching results
Entrepreneur coaching based on our tools increased the survival rate of business owners is up to 89% in 5 years. EU average is about 50%.

Easily attract new clients and add professional value
Improve your sales by attracting new prospects and a higher conversion rate (up to 30%) and add extra value too.

Develop entrepreneurship
There are many business owners and even many more to come. But not all of them are entrepreneurial too. Join our mission.

The 10-minute demo shows you the impact and effects. After that a free trial starts.