360º Feedback

Did you know that only 28% of small business owners have accurate self-knowledge? Self-knowledge is an important source in business. The better entrepreneurs know their entrepreneurial competencies, weak and strong, the better it is to design a strategy that fits their entrepreneur profile.

The opposite is also true. The better other people know what their entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses are, the easier it is for others to help and assist them. With 360° Feedback, you can help your coachee to further explore and enhance their self-knowledge.

  • invite up to 3 people
  • the report is automatically updated
  • Self-Awareness Index

The Self Awareness Index is an indication of the self-knowledge of the coachee and ranges from 0 to 100. It is based on the 360º feedback that people have done for your client. It shows how accurate their self-knowledge is. The more people give you 360º feedback, the better the index can be calculated.

360º Feedback

The 360º feedback is included in the full report, which you can get once you have registered and completed the E-Scan. You can invite up to three people to give you feedback. It is best to ask people that you have worked with or know how you work.

Especially the 360 has opened my eyes and allowed me to see what my real weakness is.

Joachim – Founder of a start-up – South Africa


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