The 4 roles in entrepreneurship: how to recognize the pioneer thinking style

pioneer thinking

Do you know people who continuously spout ideas? Who lives mostly in the future and is only concerned with tomorrow? Someone who comes up with solutions to problems that don’t even exist? Or comes up with new alternatives when carrying out an idea? Who doesn’t finish what they start? Do you know someone like this? Are you one of those people? If so, then you will recognize the pioneer thinking style.

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Entrepreneurial thinking style

A thinking style says something about the way you think and act. Consequently, it says something about your behavior. In other words, the glasses with which you view the world. Hence, it says something about how you do business.

There are four entrepreneurial thinking styles. An entrepreneur needs all 4 thinking styles in his company, depending on the phase of the company. The early stage of the business, such as the preparation and start-up phase, is ideal for the pioneer thinking style. The other 3 thinking styles are salesperson, manager, and finally, a specialist.

The business process

At the start of the company, it is mainly the pioneer who feels like a fish in the water. Many things still need to be thought out further, and things can go in any direction. But as soon as the first customers knock on the companies door, the other thinking styles become more important. These will be discussed in the following blogs.

Recognize the pioneer thinking style

The pioneer can reach great heights in situations of chaos but loses himself in conditions of order and regularity. He quickly gets bored by routine and pays little attention to details. His main motive is gaining recognition. He distinguishes himself by being different. That’s why he likes to be innovative.

In situations of chaos, he gets that chance. Where others accept the impossibility or routine of the state, the pioneer always wonders why things go the way they do and why there is no other way. His ideas about different or better are limited only by his endless imagination.

Below you will find some typical features of the pioneer thinking style. Okay, a bit firmly put:

  • Asks multiple questions in one sentence
  • Writes little to nothing down, his thoughts are already gone
  • Often speaks quickly and sometimes loudly
  • Talks as if the company has already started or even grown staggeringly
  • Can change the subject in the middle of the conversation
  • Is easily distracted and continually looks around
  • Get impatient when others can’t follow him

You do business together

Why is it important to recognize your own thinking style and that of others? You are the way you are, is it not? In entrepreneurship, you quickly work together with others. If you don’t hire someone soon, you will have to deal with suppliers, fellow entrepreneurs who want to work with you, and, of course – preferably – with customers. Whoever it is, every person has a particular combination of thinking styles. If you handle this properly and smartly, it will ultimately give you more pleasure and turnover.

Any idea – no matter how small – can get very big.

Walt Disney

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