Need for achievement. This is how you increase it.

Need for achievement

The need for achievement motto could be: “Whatever you want, you can achieve it.” If you ask this question to a room full of entrepreneurs, the group will split in half. One half jumps up spontaneously and agrees wholeheartedly. The other half grumbles arguing that if they want to go to the moon tomorrow, they can’t! 

Of course, did they try? Is it something they really want? For sure, they will nod gently and agree that the answer is ‘no.’ The same goes for your company. What is your ambition? Why did you become an entrepreneur? What performance – no matter how small or large – do you want to achieve? This is how you increase your need for achievement.

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Need for achievement

The need for achievement is the urge to achieve something in life. To do better than you did before. To strive for something that challenges you and you are prepared to fight for. Of course, this also refers to the motivation for entrepreneurship. So, not only your passion for what you do but also the reason you choose the entrepreneurial journey. Walt Disney put it beautifully: 

All your dreams can come true if you dare to chase them continuously.

Walt Disney

Smarter goals

Most people already assume that something is impossible and give up because they think it is impossible. But they are not yet lost. If they think back on something they really wanted to achieve, they will feel that motivation again. Something they made, which they considered impossible beforehand. 

You can develop your need for achievement. It is mainly a matter of setting smart goals and linking them to a strong need to achieve that goal. And, setting smart goals is something everyone can learn as well. 

The following tips will get you started to achieve more:

  • Develop a vision. Because doing business without a vision is like a camera without a focus. You have an image, but it is not sharp!
  • Feel free to think big. Start small, preferably with the first step.
  • Make it clear and concrete; then others will know exactly where you are heading to.
  • Share your end goal with others. Do others exactly understand what you want to achieve?
  • Divide it into small steps, or rather, small successes that are easy to complete.
  • Start with the end in mind.
  • Celebrate those successes. It increases the belief in achieving the ultimate goal for yourself and others.
  • Learn from the failures, see it as feedback to do the next step even better.
  • Entrepreneurship is, above all, a matter of doing and thinking about how things can be done better. By doing it, you learn to do business better!

Do what you really like and make sure you become the best at it!

Jan Aalberts, CEO Aalberts Industries

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