How to build self-confidence? That’s how you do it as an entrepreneur

How to build self confidence

“She believes in me. She sees a future in you and me.” Beautiful words from singer-songwriter Andre Hazes that really get under your skin. But did he believe in himself? He was a heavy drinker and had didn’t know how to build self-confidence. 

How about your self-esteem? Suppose you want to achieve something, and the following thoughts come up: “I can do it,” and not much later: “I can’t do it.” In which case – do you think – will you be proven right? In both cases, you’re correct! Because, to achieve something, it is crucial how you look at it. How much confidence do you have in yourself? Or do you also believe it is also a matter of luck? You can create a stroke of luck. Seriously.

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Self-confidence says something about personal effectiveness. You can also call it Self-belief, although personal effectiveness is more than that. When it comes to effectiveness, you probably think about achieving your goal. But that is not what I mean by it as an essential characteristic that an entrepreneur needs. 

Personal effectiveness – or simply self-belief – means that you have the conviction that what you want to achieve, you will reach through your efforts. It is that rock-solid belief in your own abilities. And you also use that belief in yourself with people you look up to. Here you can read more on the cornerstones of self-confidence.

If you don’t believe in your success, who will?

Many people aspire entrepreneurship but never take that step because of insufficient self-confidence. In our survey of 60,000 start-ups – that was executed with the Chamber of Commerce – the average scores on self-belief were 61 out of 100. Moreover, even established entrepreneurs hesitate whether they have handled it well regularly. But it can only succeed if they start believing in it themselves. Because if they don’t believe in it, no one else will do it for them. Yes, maybe their partner believes in them like Andre Hazes’ partner did. 

Of course, everyone has doubts sometimes, including me. That means that you don’t have enough information or that positive feeling to make a decision. How about you? Are you firmly convinced that you will reach what you want to achieve?

How to build self-confidence? Check these tips

  • Do you lack confidence? Then take a good look at yourself:
    • What is blocking you? 
    • What is the firm belief that makes you doubt yourself?
    • What emotion is holding you back from just doing it?
  • Check with yourself: do you think it is impossible, or do you not know how and where to start? The first is about feeling, the latter about facts.
    • Do you not know? Then find out how to do it or who knows best.
    • Do you think you can’t? Find out what feelings and thoughts are hindering your goals.
    • Then place a positive view opposite of that negative thought!
    • Some ideas or views you will believe in. 
  • Tip: start small, and when your self-belief grows, start thinking bigger steps!

Growing pains

If you read it like this, it seems very simple. However, it is not. It is difficult, hard work, but it isn’t impossible. You can already feel it coming; if you think that you can change and thus, start to believe in it, you can! That is why it is good to talk to someone else about it. 

Who can help you with your entrepreneurship development? It is best to hire an entrepreneur coach. That always pays off because he or she keeps asking questions that will help you change. You will learn to see it from a different perspective. Growing pains are something we prefer to avoid. But as painful as it is, it makes you re-think and act!

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