How to get more clients; 5 tips to increase your business coach salary

5 Methods For More Clients

In this 3 minute blog, you learn the 5 methods for Business Coach marketing that reveals how to get more clients and increase your business coach salary.

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More clients?

As a business coach, you probably know it: you have many fellow coaches. So, basically you all fish in the same pond, which means that you sometimes end up without customers. Alternatively, at least not as many business coaching clients as you would like. In that period, it may be useful to take a closer look at your own marketing strategy to swim away from the red ocean.

For example, do you still distinguish yourself from the rest? Do entrepreneurs and small business owners know where to find you or do they have to put too much effort into it? Maybe try something else? With the help of an Online Marketing Agency, we are happy to help you on your way with 5 marketing methods and instruments with which it can rain again after a dry period.

How to attract a potential client? Let’s start with 5 marketing tips to get a prospective client and increase your coaching business salary.

5 marketing tips

#1. Contact a former ideal client

Many coaches forget that former clients may again be interested in business coaching. They have often reached a new point in their lives and are ready for change. For further growth on both personal and business levels. So, give them a call, show interest, and discover how they are doing. Sincerely. No sales pitch.

Let the business owner know you care about them. That you have not forgotten them and that you are concerned about their results, even after the coaching process towards business growth. That way, you stay on top of your mind.

Moreover, they already know you, and former clients know precisely how you can help them. So you will soon be one step ahead. Take advantage of that.

#2. Give a free (or very cheap) workshop

Offer a free workshop with topics such as setting up a company, setting goals, effective time management, or finding a healthy balance between work and private life. That way, you position yourself as an expert, and you meet new prospects. So, that’s also helping your social networking.

Bonus: have your workshop assessed with an evaluation form. However, more about that later.

#3. Create an online marketing strategy

Nothing is as changeable as the weather … except online marketing. Every quarter there are new insights, new possibilities, and new opportunities in that area. Bet on search engine optimization, advertising in Google and yes, bring your blog post and social media in order. Do everything you need to do to be where your target audience is: your client is online.

Because marketing is primarily about being visible, to generate awareness. Rumor around your brand. To appear in the search results as entrepreneurs search for “business coach” or “your specific niche” (and that happens thousands of times a month). Share your knowledge in blogs, guest posts or whitepapers and build your company image as an authority in the field of coaching.

#4. Emails, emails and … emails

Collect e-mail addresses and send newsletters. Alternatively, those white papers and useful articles are full of practical tips. Try to really add value instead of selling. Because otherwise, you will disappear in the bin in no time. Or even worse: the spam folder. So don’t send your newsletter too often. Rather monthly than weekly.

Do not expect immediate results. Email marketing is a sustainable strategy. Give people time to get to know you to see you as an expert. Then they will come to you automatically when the time is right to be coached. Oh, and do you remember that evaluation form? The perfect opportunity to get mail addresses of prospects.

PS. Always check whether (potential) clients want to subscribe to your newsletter. 

#5: Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Points, or USP’s in short. These points are the most important aspect of your marketing. Every business coach has them.

Also, often, those are the same as those of the competitor. Not surprising, because you do the same work. But not in the same way.

So, favor your unique selling points and show what you excel at. What are your strengths and what can entrepreneurs expect from you? For some more inspiration read this blog: what entrepreneurs say about coaches.

Business coach salary

Coach salaries, in general, differ enormously. Some do earn 5 to 6 figure incomes. Others don’t even make a decent $10,000. So, the average doesn’t say that much.

For example, PayScale reports that the average salary of an Agile coach is $62,400, while the average salary of a small business coach yields $59,799. However, those are just averages; a single marketing coach or life coach for that matter can earn double this salary. Moreover, life coaching is not the same as business coaching, and the latter is different from small business coaching. Still, this doesn’t say much about how they get more paying clients or their conversion rates than less-performing coaches.

Other research reports that coaches often have to deal with the inconsistency of income. Marketing takes time, but if you regularly and consistently follow these 5 tips, you will move towards the average business coach salary or even go beyond it.

More tips and strategies on marketing for business coaches

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