Business tools for entrepreneurs

business tools for entrepreneurs

6 Essential Business Tools for Entrepreneurs Whether you’re just beginning your business or you plan to scale your company, you will need a little bit of help. It’s important to do your research, hire the right people, and use the right business tools to get you and your business to where you want to be. … >>>

Business metaphor

Business metaphor icon

What can you learn from football? A Business metaphor During the World Cup, everyone loves football a little bit more. Many are captivated by it. Many companies are also responding to this world event. They try to seduce the football fan with all kinds of creative sales promotions. They have to because customers are flocking … >>>

What is entrepreneurship?

What is entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship? Watch and smile. When you think of entrepreneurship, you quickly think of having and running your own company. In most cases, this is also the matter, but it does not have to be that way. You also come across entrepreneurship within an organization, also called internal entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. You are ‘playing’ … >>>

7 simple better business strategies

Better business strategies

7 simple strategies to do better business Better business strategies are about your products or services. Not about how much you like them, but whether it meets your customer’s needs and whether your customers want to pay you for it. If that also yields more than you incur in costs, then you are well on … >>>

Successful entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship

Succesvol ondernemen De Business Bijbel – 10 wijze ondernemerslessen Succesvol ondernemen is vooral een kwestie van doen. Of zoals Cicero het 106 jaar voor Christus verwoordde: Karakter zonder kennis heeft vaker tot succes geleid dan kennis zonder karakter. Een man met ongetwijfeld veel … Lees de blog: De Business Bijbel – 10 ondernemerslessen Wat is … >>>

10 wise entrepreneurship lessons

Business bible

10 wise entrepreneurship lessons from being an entrepreneur My entrepreneurship lessons are based on my own experience as a business owner and scientist on this topic. For me, entrepreneurship is primarily a matter of doing. However, it requires an entrepreneurial mindset. As Cicero put it 106 years before Christ, “Character without knowledge has more often led to … >>>