Entrepreneur Coach gains competitive advantage with E-Scan – a case study

case study

In this 2 minute blog, you read how a case study of a large coaching organization, who uses the E-Scan to engage customers and how it leads to benefits for their prospects.

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Ondernemen Plus, the largest coaching organization in the Netherlands, focuses on delivering value to its customers. For instance, their independent coaches use a comprehensive support package to engage business leaders. For example giveaways like whitepapers, specific guidance for self-employed, and an Entrepreneurs’ community to provide input for other business people.

In this case study, I’ll tell you first about how this coaching organization uses the E-Scan to engage customers. Secondly, how they enhance the experience with a co-branded ‘entrepreneurship’ option. Finally, how that leads to benefits for the visitor and ultimately their organization.

How Ondernemen Plus uses E-Scan

This coaching organization provides a comprehensive package of support and services to attract new businesses.

By engaging visitors with specific portals depending upon their target audience, it focuses attention on how to improve business performance. Furthermore, their white-labeled E-Scan assists business owners and self-employed people in the self-development process as they complete their business plans as part of considering strategic options for the future.

How does E-Scan work for Ondernemen Plus?

  • By quickly engaging and adding value. Focusing on improving personal business capability (entrepreneurial competence).
  • Using a personalized report. It enables the customer and coach to discuss competencies to develop (connecting people).
  • Strengths and Weaknesses are assessed personally. Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) are assessed through the business plan (enhanced information). See the E-Scan Confrontation Tool.
  • How will the business person react when faced with challenges? (real understanding).
  • From here the bank, insurance company, or local government is able to build an enhanced picture of what may happen in uncertain times (minimize the risk).

Customer benefits

Each business person that works alongside their entrepreneur coach wishes a bank, insurance company, or local government that views them as more than a risk or a number.

Therefore the organization’s customers engage actively using a product like E-Scan to provide a different level to the relationship.

Getting to know how your customer thinks and acts entrepreneurially sets the firm apart from its competitors. That reflects the customer; their confidence grows in the support they receive.

  • Stakeholders ‘know’ them better, trust them more, and support them further (improved relationship).
  • Increased interest in personal capabilities. Actions to improve personal performance, leading to better business performance (business improvement).
  • When times are difficult, the customer is more likely to receive a better reception to requests assistance (trust).

What are Ondernemen Plus’s benefits using E-Scan?

It’s popular to talk about entrepreneurs, even if the term is loosely applied to a lot of businesspeople. However, having the opportunity to focus on ‘entrepreneurial competence’ and recognizing the benefits of improved personal performance relates to better business performance.

Besides, self-employed people try to minimize their risk of failure. While existing business owners, who seek to grow their business to grow, recognize how using E-Scan means improving their personal and business performance, which matches our mission.

Maybe you’re curious about your own Entrepreneur Scan score? If so, you can take the scan for free here.

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