Risk-taking in business

risk taking in business

Risk-taking in business. This is how you deal with it. Risks surround entrepreneurship. But what not in life? If you want certainty, you definitely shouldn’t start doing business. However, if you “cannot” do anything else, it is useful to know how you deal with risk-taking in business. Table of contents Strong growth in the number … >>>

Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool

Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool, how to measure the mindset accurately? Are entrepreneurs born or bred? Although some successful entrepreneurs claim that entrepreneurship runs through their veins and an Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool should be a blood test, research has finally given the answer. In this blog, we demonstrate the type and effect of growing an entrepreneurial mindset through teaching … >>>

Business Coaching Services

Why Business Coaching Services are Vital for a Small Business Owner In such financially testing times, you might think that hiring business coaching services has no place on your list of priorities. However, the opposite is actually true. As shown in the blog post on the ‘Benefits of Coaching,’ plenty of entrepreneurs have testified to … >>>

Business tools for entrepreneurs

business tools for entrepreneurs

6 Essential Business Tools for Entrepreneurs Whether you’re just beginning your business or you plan to scale your company, you will need a little bit of help. It’s important to do your research, hire the right people, and use the right business tools to get you and your business to where you want to be. … >>>

Market orientation

Market orientation

Market orientation, how can you increase it? Gaps in the market exist. However, the better question is, is there a market in that gap? In other words, are there consumer needs that haven’t been met yet? If so, the next question is whether there are enough consumers in that gap to draw up a marketing plan and increase your market orientation.  Table of contents Gaps in the market … >>>

Innovative mindset

Innovative mindset

Innovative mindset; creativity in business, innovation, and how to improve it? What is new, what is innovative, and to whom is it new? Concepts such as creativity in business and innovation in an entrepreneurship context are often used in combination, but there are apparent differences. In this blog, we discuss the confusion and difference between creativity, innovation, and how … >>>

Is the entrepreneur an artist?


Is the entrepreneur an artist? The artistic process is very similar to the entrepreneurial path. Both artists and entrepreneurs create something from nothing, face rejection, and fine-tune their approach to succeed. They are both creative in their own way. Being creative differs from being artistic. In line with developing your entrepreneurship, we mean by creativity … >>>