Our blogs are about all aspects of the entrepreneurial personality, with its foundation in the Entrepreneur Competence Model. With our SaaS solutions, we help business coaches to get more in-depth insight into the marvelous and sometimes mysterious minds of entrepreneurs. On the other hand, we see that entrepreneur coaches struggle to get enough new clients and income streams. Our entrepreneur tests and tools are also suited for a unique way of doing marketing for business coaches.

Entrepreneurial personality

  • Entrepreneur vs Manager

    Entrepreneur vs manager? While many business owners are not even an entrepreneur, let alone a…

    11 months ago

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool

    Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool, how to measure the mindset accurately? Are entrepreneurs born or bred? Although some…

    1 year ago

  • Entrepreneurial learning

    Entrepreneurial learning, what you didn't know. Entrepreneurial learning seems to be about acquiring the knowledge to…

    1 year ago

  • What is entrepreneurship?

    What is entrepreneurship? Watch and smile. When you think of entrepreneurship, you quickly think of…

    1 year ago

  • Successful entrepreneurship

    Successful entrepreneurship Read the many blogs about successful entrepreneurship, which discuss what you really need…

    1 year ago

  • Entrepreneurship Development

    There is a need for entrepreneurship development in an ever-increasing dynamic and uncertain environment. Training…

    1 year ago

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Successful entrepreneurship

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