Are you the entrepreneur you think you are?

Entrepreneurship is fun, but it isn’t easy.

For example, did you know?

  • 72% of business owners lack a clear view of their skills
  • 66% of starting entrepreneurs have a lack of self-confidence
  • 51% don’t survive their first 5 years of business
  • Only 10% of startups grow into a scale-up

So, you, as an entrepreneur, are the most important asset to your company.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners to be able to grow their businesses, it is vital first to take a good look at the person behind the company. That means you and your entrepreneurial mindset! That’s why E-Scan was created.

Responsive Platform

Entrepreneur Scan is an innovative tool scientifically proven to:

  • Measure your entrepreneurial mindset accurately.
  • Discover which strengths and weaknesses are essential for your success.
  • Improve your enterprising traits, skills, and thinking styles.
  • Find out whom to team up with.
  • Help grow your small business.

Testimonials and reviews about E-Scan

What can you expect to get from the full version?

  • Detailed reports with personal explanations.
  • Insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Personal tips on how to develop yourself on E-Platform.
  • A comparison with other entrepreneurs.
  • 360º feedback, up to 3 people do the same scan, but about you.
  • Lots of additional tools to empower your entrepreneurial self.

Buy access to your E-Scan and the full report.

After purchasing the E-Scan with the full report, you will receive an email within two working days with instructions on how to do your E-Scan and download your full report after completion (including a 45-minute coaching session).