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First of all, coaches, advisors, and teachers can’t rely on their gut feeling alone. They need personality assessments and tools to assess and develop entrepreneurship. Not only for people starting a business, but also running and growing a business. Therefore, we have developed an entrepreneur test: E-Scan. A business personality test to uncover their entrepreneurial potential.

This online scan gives you – in an instant – a detailed and accurate entrepreneur self-assessment profile. As a coach, it helps you to have that discussion about your client personality traits. Consequently, it makes them think about themselves and their personality profile, which is usually superficially discussed. 

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Lack of self-awareness

Moreover, it improves the relationship with your client, because it is less your view against that of your client. Furthermore, it will increase their self-awareness and ultimately help them to become a successful entrepreneur.

For example, did you know that only 28% of small business owners have accurate self-knowledge? There is a good chance that small business owners make wrong decisions based on their wrong self-image due to their lack of self-awareness. That could have devastating consequences.

360º Feedback

For instance, one of the many tools of E-Scan is the 360º Feedback.
Thanks to this add-on the self-image of the entrepreneur will increase. For example, because better self-knowledge ultimately helps your client to build a company that survives the future.

If you would like a free personality test to check how entrepreneurial you are, click here to get your free trial of E-Scan.

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Proven results and scientifically validated

The Ph.D. research by Dr. Martijn Driessen at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands led to the Entrepreneur Competence Model. As a result, E-Scan and the additional online tests and tools arose from this scientific research into entrepreneurship.

From this research and its widespread use in the field of developing entrepreneurship, we design, develop and deliver entrepreneur coaching tools. Consequently, our tests and tools score high on customer satisfaction by both the end-user and their coach, advisor or teacher.

Moreover, research showed that entrepreneurial mindsets and firm performance have significantly improved. Survival rates went up to 89% after 5 years (OECD,2014). However, the average small business success rate after 5 years is around 50% in Europe and the United States of America. 

survival rates after 5 years89%
increased self-awareness78%
high end-user satisfaction 8.4 out 1084%
coaches recommend using E-Scan93%
Net Promoter Score E-Scan 5252%
growth in Entrepreneurial Index after 1 year 44,4%44%

E-Scan entrepreneurial assessment test is based on scientific research, and more than 750,000 people have gained insight into their entrepreneurial profile and growth opportunities.

Reviews from our customers

There are a number of (Flamish) tests for start-ups and business owners, but they tend to miss their target. These Cosmopolitan Tests are more about testing the knowledge of doing business. The more important question any business coach and their clients should get from these tests is: Should You Be An Entrepreneur? I have seen many tests, but E-Scan is by far the most complete and reliable entrepreneur test that exists.
Peter de Bruynwww.starterforum.be
Our introduction to the E-Scan was an eye-opener! Ten years later it still is the basis for our entrepreneur coaching of thousands of small business owners by now. Alongside with Entrepreneur Scan, we discover more and more the “depth” of their valuable business coaching tools. Coupled with business coaching is thus the basis for a deeper development of entrepreneurship.
Gerard van Ingen - business coachOndernemen Plus

Standard personality assessments

Why is E-Scan different from the standard personality tests, like the Myer Briggs Type Indicator or Disc assessment? Despite the quality of these tests, they measure the general career personality or briggs personality. These tests need additional translation and validation to be useful for entrepreneurship assessment.

E-Scan is different from the more traditional personality tests because it is much more a scan than a test. It is a scan of the entrepreneurial personality put into perspective of the business lifecycle and small business success. It combines psychometric analysis with business theory and practice. The E-Scan is ideally used in combination with a business plan.

Small Business Coaching

The business coach, small business advisor or teacher uses the E-Scan to help their coachees to develop their entrepreneurship. The most challenging part is to connect the personality of the entrepreneur to what is going on in their business. For this challenge, the E-Scan Confrontation Tool was developed. In this E-Course, the coachee learns how to connect his strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur to the business opportunities and threats of his company. Together with his coach, he determines the right goals and concrete actions for the future.

E-Scan is specifically developed for entrepreneurship and validated under large groups of (aspiring) entrepreneurs regarding their business lifecycle. Furthermore, the emphasis of E-Scan and its additional tools lies in the development of the entrepreneur and his future.

For me as a coach, the E-Scan is a great tool! It is the basis for all my business coaching processes; complete, reliable and practically applicable in the personal development of entrepreneurship of my clients.

Theo Kropman – Agile Business Coach, profits4u